Bike Wedged in Snow

Sally Gap in Snow

As a counterpoint to when the hills are aflame, here’s a selection of photos from an album I put together a few years back when they certainly weren’t!

1/1/10: Had just gotten my tungsten carbide studded snow tyres and then it snowed. Somebody was telling me to get up to the “impassable” Sally Gap and prove them wrong… or right! Continue reading

Fire Panorama

Smoke Inhalation

22/4/15: Weather was great so I went for a shortish spin on the touring bike. Early model Salsa Fargos have wimpy derailleur hangers, which aren’t replaceable. Mine had recently needed repair after bending while moving at walking speed on the flat. The fact that later models have changed to replaceable hangers is telling. Anyway, needed to be tested to make sure it’s solid. Continue reading