The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

Well. The Best Years of Our Lives is quite a film. It runs for about two hours and fifty minutes but it’s not long – there’s hardly a moment wasted. Long films are the ones full of emptiness like The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Dark Knight and Inception. This isn’t a film full of pretentious, self-important speeches and a whole load of assorted other shit the Joker got up to the other day. It’s about what happens when men come back from war but its strongest characters are women. Continue reading


Seven Chances (1925)

Yes, this will do. Seven Chances is a finely-crafted comedy that’s amusing throughout, up until… what must be about the most elaborate, madcap, off-the-wall chase sequence you’ll ever see. It’s crazier than anything in Road Runner, and, of course, Buster Keaton did the stunts himself. The man’s a genius and this is one hell of a bloody funny, absolutely mental film. I laughed my arse off! Continue reading

Make Way for Tomorrow (1937)

Well. I’m astounded. I find it hard to collect my thoughts about this film without stumbling over so many feelings. It’s so sweet that I had to concentrate on holding back the tears. Such a beautiful-sweet-sad film about something most of us will hopefully get to do – grow old. Everyone should see it. Continue reading

Sunset Boulevard (1950)

It’s difficult to pick a “best” film or even a favourite one. What’s the point anyway – there really is no need for this kind of silliness. There are so many great films after all. Nevertheless, I have little doubt what to pick when asked. It’s a film that astonished me when I first saw it. It’s one I think everybody should see. It still astonishes and captivates me. Continue reading

It Happened One Night (1934)

Will they, won’t they? That’s what the film’s about. A pretty universal tale that’ll strike a chord even with many who haven’t found love. Whatever happens in the ever after, the courtship is certainly worth a film’s time. It Happened One Night takes place over several days and nights. She is a spoiled heiress running away from her father. He is a cynical but ultimately straight newspaper man who’s down on his luck. She is incredibly beautiful but impossible. He’s impossible but dashing in a rough sort of way. It’s really about how the story is told. Continue reading