22/4/15: Weather was great so I went for a shortish spin on the touring bike. Early model Salsa Fargos have wimpy derailleur hangers, which aren’t replaceable. Mine had recently needed repair after bending while moving at walking speed on the flat. The fact that later models have changed to replaceable hangers is telling. Anyway, needed to be tested to make sure it’s solid.

Didn’t really want to stop for photos while I was enjoying it but took a few. Had no camera so was limited to the old Motorola Defy I use as an outdoors GPS (it’s waterproof and has decent battery life). Will let the photos speak for themselves.

GlenmacnassGlenmacnass from above the waterfall. Bit hazy out…

Country RoadLoads of quiet country roads all around Ireland. This one’s between Laragh and Lough Dan.

Lough TayLough Tay. Some scenes from Vikings were filmed down there. They seem to be building a new settlement at the moment.

Fire BelowFire ahead. There’d been a trail of minor scorchings all along the old military road; I’d guess that scumbags were responsible this time. Pattern didn’t say “farmer” to me, anyway.

Fire PanoramaNot so bad here. Put a scarf over my face and continued on.

Fire HelicopterThis helicopter was busy trying to put it out…

Coronation Plantation

Coronation Plantation. Was planted to celebrate the coronation of King William IV in 1831. Not a fan of monarchs, but it’d be a shame to lose these Scots Pine trees. What little forest we have is dominated by non-native spruce trees, grown industrially.

Had to turn back further down as a couple of other cyclists were turned around by the fire crew. Meant a third climb to the Sally Gap, which was a bit of a pain!


The route. Around 105km, 2,000m of ascent.


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