This is more like it. Full of bonkers adventures, incredibly colourful and more merciful on your lifespan than the original. Very watchable, too.

In this telling of the tale, the thief is split into two characters, possibly so he has someone to talk to other than himself. This works reasonably well except that the leading man, who now isn’t the actual thief, is a bit useless and tends to give up at the slightest sign of trouble. While his princess isn’t afraid to take action to resolve her problems, the man himself has nothing but a helpless smile to offer while his friend the little thief does absolutely everything for him. Perhaps if the princess were more patient she could have a better man… once our thief grows into one.

The story is a rollicking one full of everything they could cram in from┬áThe Thousand and One Nights. Everything moves along at a good pace and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The Thief of Bagdad is just a fun film that pretty much everyone should enjoy. Like some other early colour films, there’s so much of it on display that it brings a joy of its own to the screen. This is a wildly crazy fairy tale full of adventure and the vivid colour brings that storybook quality to life.


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