Night Out

Night time’s
A nice time
To be outside.

When it’s dry and cool
Everything moves faster.
On a bike,
On foot,
It’s so quiet out here.
Just me and the moon
And so much space.
I can feel its vastness, its emptiness, its coldness.
The wonder of all that nothingness…
I like being outside on a clear, dry night.


One thought on “Night Out

  1. I didn’t like the last line so I changed it to something not quite as bad. It was “Best seen from terra firma on a clear, dry night”. I didn’t like the leading nature of the statement. It might also be nicer to see the spectacle from an oxygenated environment orbiting the earth. Still, I don’t want the problematic construction, especially after publication, to go unseen. I like the idea of mistakes. Bodies of work that trace the progression of thought and feeling, even when gravely “wrong”, at one or more (all?!?) stages, interest me.

    Slightly related to having a distaste for what you’ve written or are trying to write, I had a quick search to see if there’s a valid background to one of my favourite Oscar Wilde quotes. I consider Wilde’s ability to combine thoughtfulness and wit with economical use of language something to aspire to. Needless to say, I’m far too verbose! Here’s that bit about the quote that Wilde may indeed have said in some form:


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