Place and Time

Moving out, moving on
Pieces of the past emerge.
Love fought fiercely
Fighting to hold on
To the undeserved.

The undeserving, unloving,
Deserving nothing but the scorn
They show to others.

Friends come over, family
Dinners, films, games,
Evenings spent together.

I’ve spent a lot of time alone
in this place
and in this place
called myself.

Recovering from ill-health,
Enjoying the peace,
Embracing the despair.

It’s a good place,
I like it.

I liked it when I shared it with you.
Not often,
But there was joy in your infrequent comings.

I love you.
Fell into your trap
When I emerged,
Ready to find someone
Unlike the one before

You weren’t that person.
You were worse:
A narcissist,
A psychopath,

Wilfully harming others
As though it’s nothing.
Laugh it off.

The damage is done
I won’t be used by you again.
Others will
But I’ve done all I can:
They’ve been warned.

I can see the mountains
Above busy roads.
It’s peaceful.
Here I can see it all.
I like it all.
Even the turbulence.

This is a place where many things have happened.
None echo louder than those engraved in my heart with a knife.
Perhaps I’m not leaving
I’m moving out, not moving on.


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