I Miss You

I miss you,
Whatever you are,
I liked it,
I knew what you are.

I loved you,
Love you,
Want to be closer to you,
Than before.
Not further.

It’s all gone.
All the you in me.
I liked our differences,
They attracted me.

You were distant,
I was lonely with you.
I’m lonelier without you.

Why do you do what you do?
Hate life?
Hate love?
Hate difference?

There’s nobody like you,
Nobody who’ll like what you do to them,
When you cast them aside like they were nothing,
Never say please, thank you… sorry.
When you sabotage your own life.
There’s nobody like you.

You don’t care.
Only care about what you want right now,
And take it,
That which doesn’t last.
Over and over again:
Who in their right mind would stick around?

You’re wonderful,
Attract attention,
With that enthusiasm, natural wit,
And crude hyperbole,
The words of a flatterer.

What is balance
When it serves only to flatter?
Sometimes reality is one-sided
And platitudes are self-aggrandising bollocks,
Just like this poem.

The truth is:
You’re a right fucking bitch.
Cop onto yourself.


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