“Drop dead!”
That’s one of the first things said to Kirk Douglas’ character in The Bad and the Beautiful. 1952 was a long time ago. He would have been 35 for most of that year. Now he’s 100 and you have to delve into the extended cast (and those much younger) to find others who still live. It’s difficult to imagine a world where almost everyone alive right now is gone… and you’re still hanging in there.

The film. Yes, the film. This one’s good. The script and performances slowly reel you in and captivate. The story itself is a simple one – that of a ruthless film producer who’ll do anything to get the results he wants. He’ll use anyone and mess those closest to him about, even if it ruins their lives. He’s selfish in the extreme but those caught up in his current… current do not realise until it has swept them in a direction they didn’t want to go.

Naturally those who are used by this complete sociopath don’t want to work with him or have anything to do with him again. There’s an ending that isn’t that believable given the circumstances, but who cares? This one is well worth your time. It has Kirk Douglas in it – a powerful man who’s still alive.


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