Sometimes entertaining is enough, sometimes it isn’t. Perhaps, then, it’s more diverting. If you don’t have any strong feelings either way about a film you can hardly recommend it…

Dial M for Murder is meticulously-assembled and moves around pretty quickly before being taken apart just as clinically. Crucially, the one piece of evidence that’s vital to the viewer figuring out its twist is not shown. A flurry of activity to distract the audience would have been enough to forge a more satisfying tale. Introducing new elements at the end is really just a cheap way of writing your way out of a corner – there’s no real intrigue there. When a tale like this is merely a whole lot of shit that happened, why not have unicorns invading London, galloping in on rainbows somewhere towards the end? As it is, there are some good performances. I didn’t particularly care for any of the characters or the outcome. It was as if I was somehow cheated. If I’d liked it more its shortcomings wouldn’t matter as much. I’ll give this one a solid shrug.


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