Very sad. While Laurel & Hardy had a couple of duds at Hal Roach Studios (Babes in Toyland and, to a lesser extent, A Chump at Oxford), at least these films were bad or disappointing Laurel & Hardy films. A-Haunting We Will Go is a film with the boys in it but it’s not Laurel & Hardy. There are very few gags at all and those that do feature just aren’t right. They’re cowards, they bumble and they run from bad guys but the resemblance is paper thin. What we’re given instead is a boring story featuring some mobsters and a travelling magician. Quite a lot of time is given to showing magic tricks that are all too easy to set up in this medium. I’d be surprised if they impressed in 1942, but it’s all rather dull and predictable now. At least the first film the boys did for 20th Century Fox (Great Guns) was funny. This isn’t. Avoid.


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