Yes, this will do. Seven Chances is a finely-crafted comedy that’s amusing throughout, up until… what must be about the most elaborate, madcap, off-the-wall chase sequence you’ll ever see. It’s crazier than anything in Road Runner, and, of course, Buster Keaton did the stunts himself. The man’s a genius and this is one hell of a bloody funny, absolutely mental film. I laughed my arse off!

James Shannon (Keaton) and his partner Billy Meekin (T. Roy Barnes) are in trouble. Their brokerage firm has inadvertently gotten involved in some dodgy dealings and they need money fast or it could mean jail. Shannon is a shy man who has consistently failed to tell his girlfriend, the lovely Mary, that he loves her. Fortunately, fortune smiles on the young man at just the right time – some inheritance money comes his way… but there is a catch.

Seven Chances starts out slowly. Like a stone starting to roll down a hill, it gathers momentum. Even at the early stages it’s pretty funny. There are some lovely touches here and there like the little transition between scenes when Shannon drives somewhere. The gags are frequent from the start but as that stone speeds up its movement becomes more unpredictable. Events become increasingly¬†bizarre and as their tempo enters a canter the stunts start to arrive. Slowly at first, but soon they’re coming at you in droves. Gags, stunts, crazy madness, Keaton legging it all over the place, desperately trying to… get the job done – make us all laugh.


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