I wonder what could happen in a film called “Double Wedding”? Well, here’s a clue: William Powell is a free spirit living in a caravan. He’s charming and a self-professed painter, writer and director. Myrna Loy is a severe, controlling businesswoman who plots out every step of her sister’s life… right down to her wedding. She doesn’t like “adolescent bohemianism” and she doesn’t like Powell…

Once again, Loy plays it straight while Powell clowns about. Her superior condescension, outrage and anger underline her beauty and Powell is only too happy to infuriate her. He’s good friends with her sister and that sister’s fiancé but fooling about with notions of becoming actors isn’t in the plan Loy has for them. This is where their worlds collide and things happen, including the odd laugh. Not a lot of things happen but Double Wedding is still an amusing enough film. It’s also quite predictable and familiar, especially if you’ve seen other Powell-Loy comedies. Familiar and comfortable, though: it’ll do.


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