Where have you been all my life? I love this film! William Powell is a genius. His many faces. They’re geniuses, too. Myrna Loy – she’s a genius. On-screen she has the beauty, poise and intelligence to drive any man love crazy. Completely realistically, any woman with such skills would also have a finely-honed ability to lay down the law.

Luckily for Powell, he’s already married to Loy. He’s Mr Stephen Ireland. She’s Mrs Ireland. It’s the evening of their fourth wedding anniversary and romance is on the cards. Ireland’s hands are all over Ireland – he can’t lose. Unfortunately, this is just where Powell’s arch-nemesis intervenes. His mother-in-law arrives unannounced and things rapidly go south. Love Crazy is like some sort of glorious live-action version of Tom and Jerry or Road Runner with dialogue. Powell is absolutely barmy in his pursuit of the wife. As a result he suffers all sorts of cartoonish mishaps and injuries. Luckily he’s got all the faces needed, and then some! That goes for Myrna Loy too. Her comic timing is superb and she really knows how to put a man in his place with the minimum exertion. Jack Carson is great fun as the big galoot and Gail Patrick is the dangerous(?), untrustworthy(?) old flame. Those who don’t like off-the-wall wackiness and slapstick may not like this film. Especially if they also don’t like witty dialogue. I laughed from start to finish. Brighten up your whenever – watch it!


2 thoughts on “Love Crazy (1941)

  1. Your review of this movie is great and so on the mark. William Powell’s performance is a complete over the top funfest. He just let loose in this movie and it is wonderful. His and Myrna Loy’s chemistry is so unbelievable. I know you’ve mentioned Myrna’s honorary Oscar and although William Powell was nominated three times, he should be also acknowledged in some way.


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