Will they, won’t they? That’s what the film’s about. A pretty universal tale that’ll strike a chord even with many who haven’t found love. Whatever happens in the ever after, the courtship is certainly worth a film’s time. It Happened One Night takes place over several days and nights. She is a spoiled heiress running away from her father. He is a cynical but ultimately straight newspaper man who’s down on his luck. She is incredibly beautiful but impossible. He’s impossible but dashing in a rough sort of way. It’s really about how the story is told. He’s outwardly tough, but the safe sort of scoundrel. The kind who would, deep down, do anything for love if moved to it by the right woman. She’s the kind of woman who could melt a man’s heart with a tear; make him want to take her in his arms and never let go. Her sincerity? It’s in hiding, but might just disarm the most cynical man should it take a headstrong lunge at him. Nothing new or original there, but it’s how the story is told. A sizzling love story with plenty of comedy that really does sizzle. Hats off to everyone involved, It Happened One Night is truly, sizzlingly excellent. It’s got so much universal appeal that if you like films and don’t hate love then maybe you might like it, too!

EDIT: I watched this film again recently and for now I’m placing it on the plinth of romances. I feel there’s something perfectly real about the characters in all their silliness, arrogance, self-importance and the rest… even if it is a comedy. It has some incredibly strong romantic moments that result in nothing happening but I’m sure they’d silence a room, draw tears and perhaps stun. The comedy is perfectly timed and never over-cooked and there are even some moments where you’ll either laugh out loud or smile a smile so deep that 90% of it is below the surface, just like an iceberg… except for it isn’t really.


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